As of: May 2020

  1. General

These “General Terms and Conditions” (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) apply to all contracts concluded with Alexander Arnold, Golfová ulica 482/13, SK-90050 Hrubá Borša, VAT ID: SK1121375475 (hereinafter referred to as “DJ Alex”). These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the services offered by DJ Alex (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) by the Client (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”) and the rights and obligations arising therefrom by DJ Alex and the Client Slovak law with jurisdiction Senec is agreed.
With the signature of the agreement, or the first acceptance of services by DJ Alex, the clients acknowledge the validity of these GTC. A departure from the terms and conditions is only effective if previously agreed in writing with DJ Alex. DJ Alex ensures that his terms and conditions in their current version are listed in the bookings. Oral side agreements between DJ Alex and the clients are ineffective.
Should individual provisions of the GTC be ineffective, this shall not affect the binding nature of the remaining provisions and the contracts concluded on their basis. The ineffective provision is to be replaced by an effective one that comes closest to its purpose. DJ Alex is entitled to change these terms and conditions at any time. For contracts that have already been concluded, the terms and conditions valid and submitted at the time of the conclusion of the contract shall be deemed agreed.

  1. Offer & Service Description

DJ Alex offers his clients the following services:
– Mobile DJ including provision of sound and lighting technology
Within the given framework of the client, DJ Alex has the freedom to organize the fulfillment of the order .
The concrete booked scope of services results from the service description in the offer.
The offers created by DJ Alex contain a binding offer period that is defined in the offer (validity). A non-binding reservation from DJ Alex is not possible!

  1. Contract

Contracts between DJ Alex and the client are generally made in writing or by e-mail. The client uses the booking form provided by DJ Alex (PDF form) to place the order and must provide complete and accurate information. The contract shall only be deemed binding if the client has made the deposit provided for in the offer and receives a written confirmation from DJ Alex. If the principal is two or more persons, one person shall be authorized to make and receive declarations of intent and agreements in connection with the contract. A legally concluded contract between DJ Alex and the client is subsequently also binding for the legal succession of the client.

  1. Resignation and termination / Cancellation fees

In principle, the clients have the right to withdraw from the concluded agreement at any time under the following conditions:
• up to 180 days before the start of the event: 50% of the agreed fee
• 179 to 90 days before the start of the event: 70% of the agreed fee
• 89 to 30 days before the start of the event: 90% of the agreed fee
• less than 30 days before the event: 100% of the agreed fee
A cancellation for short-term bookings where less than 30 days are between booking and event date, the following breakdown costs are calculated:
• up to 2 days after booking confirmation: free
• from the third day after booking confirmation: 100% of the agreed fee
If the client fails the written cancellation, DJ Alex is entitled to charge in any case the entire agreed fee.
Exception: Should the client withdraw from the contract but agree a new date for the same event and with the same order volume, the default costs will be regulated separately.
In no case shall the customer be entitled to a refund of an advance payment already made.
A resignation of DJ Alex is possible if:
a) there are legitimate concerns regarding the creditworthiness of the client and they do not make a fee advance at the request of DJ Alex.
b) bankruptcy or equalization proceedings are opened against the assets of the contracting entities or an application for the opening of such proceedings is dismissed or if the contracting entities cease their payments.
In the case of a contract cancellation any claims for damages remain unaffected by DJ Alex.working conditions

How to get there: The customer provides direct access to the venue and a free DJ parking lot at the venue. He also takes care of any applicable access authorizations (such as pedestrian areas, private roads or publicly closed access roads). The customer is solely responsible for not obtained permits and the resulting costs.

Assembly and dismantling of the equipment: The construction and dismantling of the sound u. Lighting is provided (unless explicitly agreed otherwise) directly before and after the use of DJ Alex. The customer ensures sufficient fused power connections (if possible, two separate circuits with 220V each) and sufficient space for the equipment. The space requirement is – due to space – between 5 and 10 m².
a) The function room must be dry and the ground level and well secured. The workplace as a whole must be free from dust, dirt, moisture and other foreign bodies.
b) If DJ Alex plays outdoors, the customer bears the weather risk alone. The workplace and all the equipment of DJ Alex must be covered and dry in this case. The equipment must be protected from direct sunlight and rain. At temperatures below 10 ° C or above 25 ° C, the customer ensures a well-tempered or air-conditioned workplace for DJ Alex and his equipment. In the event of weather-related failure, the customer must pay the entire contractually agreed fee.
Meals: The customer is responsible for ensuring that DJ Alex and, if necessary, his escort (reconstruction aid) are provided with sufficient soft drinks and a meal free of charge before, during and after the performance.
Accommodation costs: If the venue is located more than 100 km from Bressanone (one-way), the customer will hire DJ Alex. Twin room (category 3 stars) including breakfast, toilet and shower in the room free of charge.

  1. Liability / Performance Prevention

The customer is fully liable to DJ Alex for all damages caused by himself, his vicarious agents, guests or visitors of the event on equipment or sound recordings of DJ Alex. For personal and property damage occurring during an event, the client is solely liable, as far as the damage was not caused by grossly negligent or deliberate behavior on the part of DJ Alex.
If it comes to disputes between guests / audience in the event room or the personal safety of DJ Alex or his equipment is at risk, so DJ Alex is entitled to interrupt the program, possibly even completely cancel – without that the client for damages or restraint / reduction of the agreed Gage is entitled.
DJ Alex is not liable for performance by circumstances beyond his control or external influences such as Force majeure, natural disasters, official orders, breakdowns in the customer, power failure / power fluctuations, interruptions or delays e.g. speeches, games or video presentations by guests, interruptions or complete cancellation of the event due to damage to DJ Alex’s equipment by guests or service staff, etc.
If the sound and / or lighting technology is already available or installed and is not provided by DJ Alex, DJ Alex assumes no guarantee or liability for the faultless functionality of the system. Any poor sound quality or similar is due to the technology already installed. 
DJ Alex generally assumes no liability for any hearing damage to customers, guests or service personnel. Please take care of your children and keep a sufficient distance from the speakers.
The client has no right to withdraw from the contract, compensation for damages or retention / reduction of the agreed fee for the aforementioned reasons – and those which are to be assigned to them mutatis mutandis.
DJ Alex does not owe the client any general success of the event, nor does a subjective perception of a lacking mood entitle to compensation or restraint / reduction of the agreed fee.
For other important reasons, such as Illness, accident or death, which can lead to a performance failure of DJ Alex (except accident and death), DJ Alex is trying to provide for a replacement DJ replacement. However, there is no legal claim.

  1. Deposit / Payments

The terms of payment apply according to the offer. The down payment must be made in cash or by bank transfer to an account named by DJ Alex within 5 days of placing the order. The remainder of the fee must be paid to DJ Alex exclusively as follows:

Cash payment before / during / at the immediate end of an event
Transfer in advance to an account named by DJ Alex up to 7 days before the start of the event
Bank transfer at the end of the event, subject to the specified payment period, to an account named by DJ Alex (only for companies and companies)

  1. Registration and fees

The customer affirms that the execution of the event is not precluded by any official or other regulations, that all permits and registrations (SIAE) have been obtained and that all conditions are met. All susceptible fees for the SIAE are payable by the customer and are paid directly to the SIAE.